Popsicles @ ICE FACTORY in Anyang, South Korea. It is a small cafe that makes homemade gelato, gelato popsicles, yogurt popsicles, and sherbet popsicles with the freshest ingredients. Some of the flavors include chocolate, cream cheese, green tea, blueberry yogurt, and many more! They also serve drinks and other treats. [Credit: HERE & HERE]


Track: 草原比月亮更明亮
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Beautiful Chinese Music VI


The African-Chinese
At about 35,000 BC a group of these African Chinese later known as to us as the Jomon, took this route and entered Japan, they became the first humans to inhabits the Japanese Islands. Later, another group, known as the Ainu, followed. Oddly Indians were NOT part of this group. Today their genes can can still be found in 40% of modern Japanese, as well as Mongolians and Tibetans- past and present Kings and Queens


汉服 朝露之城 齐胸襦裙——碧倾 (via 汉服 朝露之城 齐胸襦裙——碧倾(6月发货)-淘宝网)


朝露之城  http://zhaoluzhicheng.taobao.com/